Is The Original Tan Towel only suitable to use for professionally applied spray tans?

No – you can also use The Original Tan Towel after tanning with home tanning products such as crèmes and mousse.

Is this safe to use everyday while I have my tan?

Definitely – In fact you tan will last longer because of the tan safe fibre that is gentle and protects your tan while drying your body.

How do I care for The Original Tan Towel?

Wash in cold-warm water in your washing machine. Best to not use fabric softener but safe to pop into the dryer. You can line dry as normal too.

What else can I use it for?

This is where you can get very creative!

You can use it to drape over your bed and furniture while your tan is developing. Take it with you to your tanning appointment and place over your car seat so you don’t ruin your tan or seat covers. Place the towel back over towards your neck so the seat belt doesn’t ruin your tan. Use Your Original Tan Towel at the end of the life of your tan to help exfoliate your tan off – while your body is damp rub your towel in a circular motion and watch the tan rub straight of in front of your eyes.

I don't have a PayPal account. Can I pay by credit card?

I don't have a PayPal account. Can I pay by credit card?

Absolutely! At the checkout, select 'Paypal' as the payment method. You will be taken to the Paypal login screen - simply select 'Pay with a card'

Is this also suitable for men to use?

Absolutely – This is a unisex product that is a super size bath sheet size and very luxurious to use.

I am a salon owner – do you offer a wholesale pricing structure?

Sure do - We love our wholesalers. As long as you meet our criteria, we are very happy to add you as one of our stockists. Home salons are also welcome!